Yokogawa will be joining Motiv8 Forums at both of next months Electronics Forums focusing on LED & Lighting, inc IoT / M2M & Wearable Tech.

Come and meet with Yokogawa in Oxford at the Williams F1 HQ on the 8th of March register here and on the 9th of March in Cambridge at the Moller Centre register here. where they will be presenting the following –

Electrical power measurement based on DSO technology, really?

Two basic technology principles of Power Analyzers will be explained during this session, the single-shot (DSO) type and the averaging type. We will look into all their features and benefits of these devices. i.e.:

How accurate is the power  measurement with a single-shot type?

What type do you need for low power factor measurements?

Which type is better for in-rush power measurements?

High Precision Harmonic measurement of LED’s.

For a power meter, LED’s are a special application; it is one of the few applications where not necessarily most of the power is contained within the fundamental components.
LED’s are capable of converting energy from all of the higher harmonics (not just the fundamental) into light. This makes it more important to perform a high precision harmonic measurement.

This session will explain the importance of harmonic measurement and how Yokogawa power meters are able to produce precise harmonic measurements with uncertainty specifications. This session will include a demonstration of how these measurements should be made.

Interview with Yokogawa in the technical exhibition area at last Octobers Forums –