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TR Fastenings (TR), the global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of high quality industrial fasteners, offers a broad range of enclosure hardware products for use in a number of applications in industries including Telecoms, Oil & Gas, HVAC and Transport.
As an increasing number of industries use cabinets, secure boxes and other enclosure units to house electronics, wiring and other systems in public places, there is also a need for high quality enclosure hardware and mechanisms to be an integral part of the design.
TR’s extensive range features locks, locking systems, gaskets, hinges, latches, handles, clamps and terminals. Products in detail:
Locking systems are used on large door spans where one handle operates multiple locking points. These systems are modular, providing flexibility for customising to different door sizes.
Locks provide a single locking point with a variety of keys to suit the differing inserts available.
Hinges are commonly used to connect a door to its frame or supporting object, to provide a point upon where it can rotate open and closed.
Clamps are typically used to connect electrical conductors such as cables or terminals.
Gaskets can be used as edge protection, or to provide a seal between 2 surfaces (such as a door and a frame), with a wide range of profile types and fixing methods depending upon the application.
Accessories such as rod guides enable door features and locking systems to be customised and tailored to suit individual sizes, shapes and settings.
These products are used in numerous applications across various industries, including both on board and track / roadside in rail, bus and other transport solutions, in cabinets housing heating and ventilation (HVAC) equipment and in telecoms enclosures. The products can also be used in more hazardous industries and conditions, including on-and off-shore Oil & Gas sites and Energy plants.
Additional applications of enclosure hardware include:
Medium Voltage Switchgear
Data Centre & Server Rack Cabinets
Electricity generation/transmission/transformers
EV Charging Units
Kevin de Stadler, UK & Ireland Sales Director, TR Fastenings, comments:
“As new technology, equipment and applications are developed throughout different industrial sectors, there is an increasing need to make sure they are kept safe, especially in settings where they may be exposed to dangers such as severe weather, corrosive atmospheres, tampering or theft. Our enclosure hardware products not only increase the safety of the contents inside an enclosure or cabinet but also improve other factors such as ease of installation and access for maintenance teams.”

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