Together with our partners, we have taken a major step to reinvent the manufacturing landscape by developing the world’s first fully automated 3D production solution capable of replacing conventional manufacturing in serial-production. The integrated solution allows for the automated production of components used in the casting process of critical engine components.

VJET X-IOB is ten times faster than our currently available 3D printers (reaching a print speed of 400 litres per hour) and features fully åautomated pre- and post-processes with no manual intervention.

This ultra high-speed 3D printing system allows for the economical production of parts for high volume manufacture whilst retaining the key benefits of additive manufacturing. When applied to engine manufacture these benefits include improved engine performance and fuel efficiency, reduced costs per part and an increase in flexibility in production to allow for multiple variants on the same line.

Further details about this production line and its first application will be released shortly.

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