The JXS22P4 is an ultra small-sized Quartz Crystal according to AEC-Q200.

For rough application conditions there is a HMR Version (high mechanical reliability) available with very high shock and vibration resistance.

The JXS22P4 is particularly suitable for miniaturized electronic devices with extremely limited space on printed circuit boards.
Due to the high frequency stability as tight as ± 15ppm the JXS22P4 fulfills high requirements and is specially designed for wireless applications like Bluetooth and others.


The JXS22P4 is available for different operating temperature ranges
-20°C ~ +70°C   standard
-40°C ~ +85°C    for industrial applications and
-40°C ~ +125°C  for automotive applications.
Another advantage is the possibility of EMI shielding by grounding the metal lid in order to reduce the EMI radiation in critical applications.
The JXS22P4 complies with the EU RoHS directive and is optimally suitable for fast automatic assembly lines.

Key-Features of the JXS22P4 :

AEC-Q200 compliant

SMD metal / ceramic package:  2.5 x 2.0 x 0.55 mm

Shock: >100 g (6.0 ms; half sine) / (HMR option: 3000g)

Vibration >5 g (10~ 2000 Hz) / (HMR option: 20g)

Extended operating temperature range up to -40 °C ~ +125 °C

high frequency stability:   ± 15 ppm to ± 100 ppm

frequency range:   12.0 MHz ~ 40.0 MHz

lead-free, RoHS & REACH compliant

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