REDEXPERT is Wurth Elektronik’s new online component selection and simulation tool. The user can choose out of a wide range and variety of power inductors, individually based on the application. Immediately after the user enters their input and output parameters, REDEXPERT calculates the inductance value and displays the inductor choices

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World’s most accurate determination of AC loss
Wurth Elektronik eiSos has developed an innovative design tool to select the appropriate inductor and to determine AC losses accurately. The model is based on an extensive data collection, derived from real time application set ups.
The DC/DC converter is utilized to collect the data. A pulsating voltage is applied over the inductor in order to measure the power loss. Finally, the AC loss of the inductor is separated. This process is repeated over a wide range of parameters, including a variation of peak flux density swing, frequency, ripple current and so on. This empirical data is then used to create an equation to accurately determine the AC loss.

Advantages of Wurth Elektronik eiSos’ AC loss model:
■ The empirical data is purely based on real time parameters
■ Accurate over a wide range of frequency (10 kHz to 10 MHz)
■ Considers even small changes in the core material and winding structure
■ Accurately determines losses of all core materials i.e. NiZn, MnZn, iron powder and metal alloy materials
■ Valid for any core shape and winding structure
■ Includes AC winding losses

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Design your SMPS in REDEXPERT with the world’s most accurate determination of AC losses: CLICK HERE

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