The use of LED strip PCB’s is popular in the efficient production of electrical lighting solutions. Würth Electronic eiSos is now introducing a completely new series of connectors for connecting LED strip PCB’s: WR-LECO is available with two, three, four or five poles and is attractive due to its very flat design, only 2.45 mm high. The grid spacing is 1.5 mm. The SMD board-to-board connector for LED applications is made of white plastic to minimize shading. Locking allows the connector to create excellent holding forces.
The electrical parameters of the WR-LECO allow for a maximum current of 1 A and an operating voltage up to 150 V AC. The operating temperature is -25 °C to + 85 °C.
All products are available in stock. Samples of the new connectors are now available free of charge.

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