Designed to support multiple concurrent Wi-Fi services, ensuring a rich connected user experience without design compromise

The new AMW106 Wi-Fi module from ACKme networks is the newest and most powerful member of the ‘Numbat’ family to date. As with all Numbat modules, the product is designed to meet the need of today’s securely connected products. The Numbat family is suited to a vast array of connected products including environmental sensors, actuators, analytic monitors and automation products. The increased performance of the AMW106 allows designers to create a rich end user experience through its ability to support multiple Wi-Fi and IP services concurrently. With the embedded WiConnect Operating System, the AMW106 can support local discovery services (mDNS), web services and up to 8 multiple connections simultaneously in addition to the many other powerful functions customers have come to enjoy via the WiConnect API.
The new ‘AMW106’ Numbat module offers more memory and processing speed making it the most powerful yet efficient module for secure IoT (Internet-of-Things) applications. Like the AMW006, the AMW106 is a fully certified 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, but boasts a faster 100MHz core and more onboard RAM at 128kbytes. The module is available in the Numbat’s 20.3 x 2.9 x 15.2mm footprint and offers a link budget of up to 112dBm given it +18dBm transmit PA and -94dBm receive sensitivity.
ACKme’s Vice President of Product Management Nick Dutton stated, “The new Numbat family member, the AMW106, provides resources that allow customers to create very extensive applications without the long design cycles, the new AMW106 also allows us to bring a whole host of new features to WiConnect”
The module is powered by WiConnect, a powerful, purpose built operating system (OS) designed specifically to simplify the design of connected IoT products. WiConnect offers a complete Wi-Fi stack with full support for SSL/TLS/HTTPS and numerous Wi-Fi networking protocols including TCP client/server, UDP client/server, HTTP client/server, DHCP client/server, DNS, and SNTP. Features within WiConnect are accessed with an easy-to-use API that offers an optimized machine friendly mode and a verbose easy to read human mode. WiConnect also provides numerous other features such as a full read/write file system that can be used to store application data and web pages. WiConnect is also designed to enable secure, over-the-air wireless updates that allow individual firmware bundles to be delivered to any individual, or group of modules that are deployed in the field.
The Numbat evaluation board, Moray (AMW106-E03), has also been updated to include the new AMW106 Numbat and customers can use simple PC based tools such as a terminal emulator to validate both the WiConnect API and Numbat’s physical performance. For users choosing to develop with Arduino, Nucleo, LPCXpresso and FRDM platforms, Numbat is supported by the AMW106-A01 ‘Mantis’ board and WiConnect drivers are available on the mbed developer website.
ACKme’s main website can be seen at and the WiConnect API can be viewed directly CLICK HERE
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