Ineltek UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Germany’s largest independent semiconductor distributor has announced the availability of the new Epson LCD Controller Shield Board for the Arduino Due platform. Supporting a wide range of WQVGA and QVGA TFT displays and plugging directly into the popular Arduino board, the S5U13781R01C100 allows rapid prototyping of Epson LCDC solutions.

The TFT Shield Board itself is based on the popular Epson S1D13781 controller IC with embedded 384kByte display buffer which supports 8/16-bit direct and indirect CPU interfaces as well as SPI. Resolutions supported range up to 480×272 at 24bpp and the device boasts hardware rotation of the display memory, Alpha Blending and Transparency and PIP Layer Flashing resulting in rich images even when used with low end processors.

Ineltek is unique in offering the Shield Board alongside a range of TFTs from its extensive display portfolio including:

Tianma TM043NDH02 – WQVGA 4.3” 300 cdm-2 2.9mm thick module
Tianma TM043NBH02 – WQVGA 4.3” 280 cdm-2 4.15mm thick module
ImaginOrient IO04310006_v2 – WQVGA 4.3” 430 cdm-2
Hantronix HDA430-3GH-1 – WQVGA 4.3” 1000 cdm-2
Hantronix HDA351-LV –  QVGA 3.5”
Tianma TM035KDH03 – QVGA 3.5” 300 cdm-2

The Arduino Due board is readily available online for around €35 and the TFT Shield Board is available from Ineltek UK now for €15 or free when purchasing one of the supported displays. Support for the board includes a full User Manual and Graphics Library User Guide.