LPRS will be joining Motiv8 in Manchester on the 9th of September at the combined LED & Lighting / RF & Wireless Forum, running the following workshop:

An interactive workshop presented by LPRS Technical Director David Schmider and Electronics Engineer Srikanth Ghanji.

Join us as we look at the “smartification” of wireless and the essential attributes your wireless solution will need to meet the demands of a connected World.

Using real applications we will demonstrate how eRIC simplifies the stages of concept to prototype and with your directions test the variable parameters of the radio.

This workshop will highlight the benefits of working with Radio modules with embedded intelligence. We will show you how simple System on Chip development can really be and how little software programming knowledge you need to complete your application and get it to market before the competition.

We encourage your input, ideas, questions and experience to make this a truly interactive workshop.

We claim eRIC makes wireless development fast – We have about 30 minutes for our workshop so join us for the challenge!

If you would like to attend this Forum and workshop click here

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