Holding, tensioning, fixing, releasing – textiles by JUMBO-Textil do this and much more in the vehicle interior. In storage and retention solutions. On seats and seating systems. As safeguarding and releasing systems. With precisely defined properties, our narrow textiles ensure order, safety and comfort in the interior.

We produce intelligent and individual solutions that meet the highest demands in terms of functionality and design.

For the vehicle of the future

Innovative narrow textiles & textile components with lightweight design

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For the vehicles of the future: we manufacture elastic and non-elastic narrow textiles and textile components with lightweight design. As a certified partner for our customers – including all well-known OEMs – we develop first-class solutions for demanding tasks – e.g., extremely lightweight or specially configured components. And always precisely specified to suit your individual requirements.  INFOS & SAMPLES 

Latest product news

Textile high-performers in the interior

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Textile solutions in the interior must offer excellent functionality, be pleasant to handle, and look extremely appealing at the same time. We have developed our latest narrow textiles to reflect the toughest requirements … INFOS & SAMPLES

Experience textile solutions with us

JUMBO-Textil is a specialist for high-tech narrow textiles and your partner for future-oriented interior solutions. Please contact us!

Your JUMBO-Textil Automotive team

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Sales Director Automotive
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Stefan Wallner
Sales Manager Automotive / Aviation
Phone: +49 2339 929397-132
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