Motiv8 was delighted to spend the day with the team from Racelogic / VBOX who joined us for the most recent In-House Forum which took place at the National Automotive Innovation Center with TATA / JLR & Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Racelogic / VBOX was 1 of 26 suppliers who joined Motiv8 for the internal supply base review day,  for more information about our In-House Forums and the other opportunities we have for suppliers to showcase their offering inside manufacturers please email us at or visit –

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VBOX data acquisition systems by RACELOGIC are used for measuring the speed and position of a moving vehicle. Based on a range of high performance GPS receivers, VBOX data loggers can record high accuracy GPS speed measurements, distance, acceleration, braking distance, heading, slip angle, lap times, position, cornering forces and more.

All our GPS data loggers can be combined with a wide range of input and output modules, making it a flexible vehicle testing system which accommodates different needs and budgets.

For full information about Racelogic / VBOX please CLICK HERE