Motiv8 was delighted to spend the day with the team from Light & Shadows who joined us for the most recent In-House Forum which took place at the National Automotive Innovation Center with TATA / JLR & Warwick Manufacturing Group.

Light & Shadows was 1 of 26 suppliers who joined Motiv8 for the internal supply base review day,  for more information about our In-House Forums and the other opportunities we have for suppliers to showcase their offering inside manufacturers please email us at or visit –

Our Expertise, Your Reality

Find out how VR, AR and 3D can be integrated into each step of your process and solve your business challenges of tomorrow.

In an industrial and technological development context, Virtual and Augmented Reality offer innovative and powerful possibilities from CAD Design to Marketing Support, including training and recruiting.

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Developed by Light & Shadows, the XR Suite can help you to accelerate your decision making process, providing you not only with analysis tools but also giving you the opportunity to create and recreate scenarios to validate your ideas and insights within your industrial process for today and the future. The XR Suite was made to place the user at the center of your operations and to use the full potential of the digital twin of your equipment.

The new XR Suite is composed of 5 tools:

INTERACT: A plug-in for Unity that allows you to visualize, modify and interact with your 3D/CAD Data and/or PointCloud, and easily develop and deploy advanced 3D applications in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR). See more

XR TWIN: Standalone version of INTERACT allowing visualization and interaction with your 3D CAD models/PointCloud files. See more

XR ERGO: Tool for conception or studies of workstations (existing or virtual twins) or work activities ergonomics. See more 

XR POINTCLOUD: Application to visualize and interact with 3D Scans or Pointclouds. See more

XR PAINT: Object painting simulation tool for training or recruitment purposes. See more

For full information about Light & Shadows please CLICK HERE