Motiv8 was delighted to spend the day with the team from Flowdrill who joined us for the most recent In-House Forum which took place at the National Automotive Innovation Center with TATA / JLR & Warwick Manufacturing Group last month.

Flowdrill was 1 of 26 suppliers who joined Motiv8 for the internal supply base review day,  for more information about our In-House Forums and the other opportunities we have for suppliers to showcase their offering inside manufacturers please email us at or visit –

Company History.

The first idea for using frictional heat to form a hole was developed in France in 1923. Unfortunately, the right raw materials and machinery to produce friction drills did not yet exist. Through technical development and inventiveness, the friction drill was first developed and commercialised by Flowdrill in 1980.

Present-day, our company is the market leader in friction drilling. Our product is used by thousands of customers in more than fifty countries worldwide. We produce our Flowdrill in-house, using our advanced technical knowledge and fully automated machine park to assure the highest quality products.


We offer our customers an innovative, more reliable and cost-efficient connection alternative to traditional fastening methods and ensure that the customer receives the right technical support. We are there for the customer from day one: from the development of an idea to the final production.

For full information about Flowdrill please CLICK HERE