GoPrint3D are partnering with In-Cycle and HSSMI on an Innovate UK project: Closed Loop Innovation in Fused Filament Fabrication (CLIFFF) with the aim of reprocessing discarded 3D prints back in to high value new 3D printing filaments, creating a fully circular business model for the Additive Manufacturing sector.

“Plastic waste is a huge concern for people at the moment,” said Joanna Young, Managing Director of GoPrint3D. “By tackling this issue we will be removing a number of barriers to 3D printing.”

The project offers a number of significant economic and environmental advantages, including less plastic waste going to landfill, increased adoption of 3D printing and the creation of a clean and stable supply chain requiring new highly skilled jobs.

“There is currently no industrial recycling system for waste 3D printing materials, so CLIFFF is taking some proactive first steps to improve the sustainability of the industry,” explains Dr Mike Lee, Director of In-Cycle. “We aim to show the industry that it’s possible to set up closed-loop recycling systems that create both environmental and economic gains from otherwise discarded waste streams”.

“The growth in additive manufacturing is exceeding expectations and revolutionising the development in bespoke manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing can help to develop parts in a more sustainable way, but it also has a negative environmental impact” explains Inigo Bontigui, Lean Engineer of HSSMI. “CLIFFF is aiming to reduce 3D printing plastic impact by establishing an end-of-life processing system“.

The CLIFFF project team are currently looking for 3D printer users to take their survey which will help them develop a solution that meets their needs:

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