During Motiv8’s recent In-House Forum held inside Nissan Barcelona the team from Connected Car Magazine attended the day to better understand our offering.

They were in fact, the first non participating company ever to be allowed to attend one of our exclusive internal supply base review days!

This is because unlike the old fashion exhibition / trade-show format that literally anyone can participate in and attend – these are “closed door” type events based on relevance and held inside a manufacturer with direct access to the right people, not publicised outside the manufacturer.

As a result we normally can’t conduct videos. In most cases we can’t even take pictures, or even allow suppliers take their phones on site. Especially as many are held in R&D, Prototyping and Engineering areas. On this occasion we had special permission from Nissan and agreed to let Connected Car Magazine attend the day in Barcelona.

Connected Car Magazine attended the entire day. They witnessed first hand how these days run, why they are completely different to everything else. They spent time attending the technical presentations from the participating suppliers held, which ran all day. Likewise the networking lunch and visited the table top exhibition area. All of which they captured in a fantastic video, which Motiv8 is delighted with, as it gives a brilliant and rare insight in to how these days work.

We call them In-House Forums, but we do prefer what the participating suppliers call them – “game changer days” – “genius” – “the best thing we have ever done as a business” – “I’ve met more relevant engineers in the last hour than I’ve met in the last 3 months” – “no time wasters, everyone we met was relevant” – “we have been trying to get in to XXXXX for nearly 2 years, we just met the right person in the first hour” – “our best sales leads come from your forums”……..

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