In a 3 week period Motiv8 Forums have completed 3 separate Automotive Manufacturer In-House Forums (internal supply base review days) in Spain with Nissan Barcelona, in Germany with Bugatti, and the Czech Republic with Skoda.

These 3 days involved 70 different suppliers from around the world and 160 staff from these suppliers. Over 900 engineers, directors, managers, designers, technical staff, purchasing staff and even board members from the manufacturers staff who attended the In-House Forums.
This resulted in time and money being saved by the manufacturers.  No time wasted visiting endless trade-shows / exhibitions, individual supplier meetings, web searching etc as the manufacturers staff had direct access to only relevant suppliers who were right inside their workplace.  To quote “extremely beneficial for ******* today having this here, even better than we expected” – Engineering Director – Automotive Manufacturer.
NDA’s signed, follow up meetings arranged, sample requests, price requests, new contacts made, ideas and solutions shared and much, much more – all benefits to the suppliers involved in these 3 Forums. To quote some comments from those suppliers involved “we waste so much money on exhibitions and meeting time wasters or worse still, not meeting anyone. Today has been amazing, we had met our perfect contact during the executive visit by 10.00 and have been requested to complete an NDA as well as meeting people who have a genuine interest in what we offer. Fantastic day” – Sales Director – Automotive Supplier.
We could go on and on and on about how much the manufacturers both value and benefit from these days and why suppliers benefit from the In-House Forums.  Why they are so much better than the far to common and outdated traditional trade-show / exhibition (or every other term now used to make them sound different) but we won’t.  Let the pictures and video do the talking (sadly no pictures from the Bugatti Forum as this was held in their prototyping workshop, which they closed for 2 days to accommodate us!) –


Video taken at Nissan Barcelona by Connected Car Magazine


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