In 2019 DJB are taking their training a step further with courses planned for the UK, France, China, India and the USA as well as introducing a range of webinars to help take the training to a global scale.
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Training dates for 2019

Feb 27th – “Accelerometers, The truth and more”
DJB HQ, Suffolk

April 25th – “Accelerometer Selection & Signal Processing Basics”
MIRA Technology Institute, Warwickshire. Presented by DJB, Kemo and Data Physics

June 26th – “Accelerometers, The truth and more”
DJB HQ, Suffolk

Oct 16th – “Accelerometers, The truth and more”
DJB HQ, Suffolk

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at existing accelerometer users, engineers, new users, specifiers and product designers from automotive, aerospace, industrial and sports science applications providing a refreshing view on how to avoid error, maintaining accurate data results.

The course covers a range of topics including:

  • Principles of operation – materials and the Piezoelectric effect.
  • Accelerometer types and selection – Construction, charge output, IEPE, temperature effects, mass loading, sensitivity, common problems as well as pros and cons of accelerometers.
  • Importance of correct cable use – low noise or non low noise, what happens if you get it wrong, signal loss, triboelectric noise, cable fixing, connectors and noise floor.
  • Mounting methods and which to use – stud, wax, adhesive, magnets, tape, which and why, isolation and ground loops.
  • Associated Instrumentation – Charge Amplifiers, IEPE Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition

Further Information / Booking

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