For  measurements  on  rotating  components  and  moving machinery, imc offers modern telemetry systems for a wide variety of tasks: whether single-channel torque monitoring of a rotating shaft, multi-channel strain gauge and temperature measurements on a train wheel-set or non-contact power measurement on a vehicle drivetrain in  harsh  environments.

Telemetry – the bridge to your test data

Your benefits at a glance

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  • Perfectly suited systemes for every telemetry application
  • From 1-channel and economical to multi-channel and highly dynamic
  • Digital data transmission: robust and trouble-free
  • Supports a variety of sensor signals (voltage, temperature, strain gauge, etc.)
  • Synchronized data acquisition

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Application examples

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  • Automotive: non-contact transmission of measurement data for torsion, temperatures, forces etc.
  • Aerospace: robust radio telemetry up to 64 channels; the systems are ideal for mounting on rotating parts
  • Rail: e.g. telemetry solutions for force measurements on railway wheel sets or temperatures tests on train brake disks
  • Marine: telemetry for torque measurements on marine vessels and engines

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Your questions, our solutions

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