Achieving transparent 3D printed parts can be challenging if you don’t have the right materials and technology.

3D printing can bring new insights and innovation, as well as significant savings in time and cost, when producing clear transparent parts.

3D Systems has developed this ebook to explain what to look for when selecting clear transparent materials, and provides examples of applications in the area of consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, general industry, as well as healthcare and dental.

Read use cases from innovative companies who have already seen the benefits of 3D printing for their clear transparent part requirements and learn from the experts how to 3D print clear parts for your business.

Download the eBook and find out how to:

Speed up development time

Test, verify and deliver better performing products

Simulate glass acrylic and other transparent materials with the industry’s clearest material

Ideal for in-house design workgroups, RP shops and on-demand service providers

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