Motiv8 Forums welcome TactoTek to its 2017 event, we very much look forward to working with you. Who are TactoTek and what do they do?

TactoTek creates injection-molded structural electronics that integrate flexible printed circuitry and discrete electronic components into mass-produced 3D injection-molded plastics. With its patented and patent pending technology, TactoTek enables differentiating and cost-effective designs with highly scalable production processes. Because TactoTek encapsulates electronics and circuitry in injection-molded plastics, the resulting products are inherently durable and protected from the environment.

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TactoTek injection molded structural electronics (IMSE) unlock new design possibilities–differentiating shapes, innovative features, and simplified construction. If your products include injection molded plastics and electronics, we look forward to discussing how TactoTek technology can help you achieve your design objectives.

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