Motiv8 Forums welcome AB-Tec GmbH to its 2017 events, we very much look forward to working with you. Who are AB-Tec GmbH and what do they do?

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Automotive Industry / OEM & TIER 1-3

  • Interior
    • Door and side panels, headliner, rear shelf
    • Interior decor, floor coverings
    • A/B/C pillar covering
  • Seat manufacturing
    • Bonding of spacer fabrics and other types of foam
    • Armrest and backrest lamination
  • Boot cover and lining
    • Carpet backing lamination with insulating material (e.g. fleece)
    • Lamination to ABS, PP, fiberboard, fiberglass-reinforced moulded PU
  • Lamination for sound and vibration reduction/insulation

TecWeb® – Designed For High Demand Applications

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For full information on AB-Tec > CLICK HERE

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