Your chance to test the Lantronix evaluation kit
The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding, and consumers now expect devices to communicate with each other and the wider world via internet, instantaneously.
Along with device hardware, building a typical IoT solution requires:

  • application software for connectivity
  • security
  • web server and user interface
  • data handling and tunnelling
  • API and services
  • standards and certifications

Projects often need to be deployed quickly, time to market expectations are shrinking, often with fewer design engineers available and smaller design teams. 

The Lantronix Embedded IoT Gateway solution such as the xPico Wi-Fi is the ideal solution to provide a faster start-to-finish product without the need to think the whole design component by component. 

Acal BFi are able to offer you the opportunity to see a demonstration of this mobile ready WiFi solution and loan an evaluation kit to get your application up and running in your real-world scenario. Scroll down for more information about the solution, or click the link below to read more about how this application can get your IoT deployment up and running faster than you thought.

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Lantronix xPico in detail

Lantronix’s xPico Wi-Fi, one of the world’s smallest and most flexible Wi-Fi device servers, is a pin and form factor compatible state-of-the-art member of the xPico family. Providing low power, Soft AP and simultaneous client mode, full IP and WLAN stacks, the xPico Wi-Fi is a complete device server suitable for mobile M2M/IoT applications and includes industry best 5-year warranty.

With more than 4 million devices connected worldwide, Lantronix are a leading provider of IoT enablement solutions that simplify remote access, management and control of virtually any electronic device, regardless of location. They strive to be the leading supplier of IoT gateways that enable companies to dramatically simplify the creation, deployment, and management of IoT projects while providing secure access to data for applications and people.

Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi Key Features:

  • Chip-sized footprint: 24mm x 16.5mm
  • Low power (6μA Standby)
  • Can be battery operated
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Simultaneous Soft AP and client mode
  • Complete device server application with full IP Stack and web server
  • Dual serial port with data rate of up to 921 kbps
  • SPI with clock rate of 30MHz
  • USB 2.0 full rate device mode
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Industrial temperature range : -40° to +85° C
  • 5-Year limited warranty
  • Comes in both Connector and Surface mount options

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Demonstration of serial to Wifi connectivity – book yours now

Acal BFi have produced a demonstration system which uses one of Acal BFi’s temperature sensors. The temperature output is received by the Lantronix X-Pico WiFi development kit and sent over WiFi to a webpage where the result can be viewed.

The xPico is best in class in terms of the fast concept-to-launch process for a Serial to WiFi application and complete proof of concept and customer trials. Acal BFi can assist you to get your initiative up and running in a very short space of time and we are able to offer logistics and commercial support to ensure that you project is a success.
Key applications are building access control, transfer of data from medical equipment to hospital network, networking of laboratory test equipment, monitoring goods in transportation and monitoring liquid levels for example in oil tanks and industrial control.

The demonstration solves the issues of connectivity, security, web server and user interfaces, data handling and tunnelling, API and API services, standards and certifications. Post launch support costs are kept to a minimum using a solution of this type.

Watch the Lantronix product demonstration video: Web enable your serial device.

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