Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has announced that its 2.4 GHz-band wireless communication module, LBBA0ZZ1EU, has been certified to be ISA100 Wireless™ compliant. Mass production started in May 2016.


In use at manufacturing plants are many and varied kinds of field devices for measuring temperatures, pressures, levels (of liquids), gas concentrations, and vibration, among others. In terms of the communication between these kinds of field devices and the systems that are used for monitoring and control, there has been a rising demand to collect larger amounts of data at the plants as a result of the increasing awareness of the desirability to enhance productivity and ensure safety. As such, there is a rising demand for field wireless devices that can be put into place with ease and that open the door to lowering the construction and installation costs over those of wired systems.
Teaming up with Yokogawa Electric Corporation, which was the first company in the world to develop and market field wireless system devices and field wireless devices compliant with the ISA100 Wireless™ standard, and engaging in a joint effort that included the granting of a license for a software stack from the company, Murata has been implementing the development of communication modules that are installed in field wireless devices for some time. Now, it successfully launches a 2.4 GHz-band wireless communication module compliant with the ISA100 Wireless™ standard that was drawn up to reflect the needs of industrial market users. This communication module makes it easier to introduce field wireless systems into manufacturing plants. Looking ahead, Murata will contribute to establishing wireless communications networks in manufacturing plants and to improving productivity by supplying its module globally to field wireless device manufacturers and sensor manufacturers.

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