Features GCQ series

AEC-Q200*2 conformable and suitable for V2X, ADAS and other automotive communication applications
Self-resonance frequency of 5.9 GHz (2.2 pF model) ideal for DC filtering under DSRC IEEE 821.11p
Copper internal electrodes enabling high Q value at high frequencies, ideal for matching applications


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has developed the world’s first automotive grade monolithic ceramic capacitors “GCQ series” with high Q characteristics for vehicle to X (V2X*1) applications. Sample shipments have already commenced, and Murata will be gearing up to mass-produce the components at the first half of 2016.

*1 V2X: Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication


V2X refers to direct communication between vehicles or between vehicles and infrastructure such as traffic lights. This technology is aimed at avoiding accidents such as collisions and realizing a more efficient transport system. It is expected to play an important role in paving the way to the realization of fully autonomous driving in the future.
DSRC IEEE 802.11p is a V2X communication standard (communication frequency: 5.9 GHz) intended mainly for use in North America and Europe, and high Q capacitors are in demand for DC filtering and RF matching in the 5.9 GHz band. Murata has developed highly reliable automotive grade high Q capacitors to meet this need.


These high Q capacitors are AEC-Q200*2 conformable and suitable for V2X, ADAS, and other automotive communication applications.
The self-resonance frequency of 5.9 GHz (2.2 pF model) is ideal for DC filtering under DSRC IEEE 802.11p.
The internal electrodes are made of copper, which enables a high Q value at high frequencies and is ideal for matching applications.

*2 AEC-Q200: A reliability testing standard for automotive electronic components established by the Automotive Electronics Council.

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