June 7th is our biggest day focusing on RF & Wireless Design, inc IoT / M2M & Wearable Tech, taking place 7th June in Oxford at the Williams F1 HQ.

This years keynote is from pureLiFi LiFi Technology – Enlightening Communications

LiFi is the high-speed, bi-directional and fully networked wireless communications, akin to Wi-Fi, using visible light. Because LiFi makes use of completely different part of the spectrum, it presents a non-competitive alternative to RF communications and can complement existing RF infrastructures. The dense frequency reuse can deliver up to 1000x more wireless capacity as an additional tier in future heterogeneous networks, helping to meet the exponentially growing demand for wireless data with orders of magnitude better energy efficiency. Moreover, the growth of the Internet of Things will only accelerate the demand for wireless communications, and so Li-Fi will inevitably play a key role in delivering future machine-to-machine communications.

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