Murata has announced the NXE2 series of 2 Watt surface mounted DC/DC converters from Murata Power Solutions. Footprint compatible with similar 1 and 2 Watt devices available on the market, and measuring just 12.5 x 4.36 x 10.41 mm, the NXE2 series provides more power output in the same space. The converter is constructed using fully automated techniques in a halogen free iLGA inspectable package with an integrated transformer. This approach increases product reliability and repeatability of converter performance.

The series comprises four models with nominal input voltages of +5 or +12 VDC and outputs of +5, +12 or +15 VDC. Input to output isolation of 3 kVDC is standard across the range.

Ann-Marie Bayliss, product marketing manager, Murata Power Solutions comments, “The NXE2 series represents a 2 Watt halogen free converter in a footprint that has a 50% lower profile.”

The NXE2 series is suitable for use in industrial automation, instrumentation, and transportation equipment. It is also intended for use in telecom, wireless, and medical designs that require a low power isolated DC voltage.

Certification to UL60950 and medical safety is pending.

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Features NXE2 series

  • Patents pending
  • Lower profile
  • UL60950 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 recognition pending
  • 3kVDC Isolation “Hi Pot Test”
  • Substrate Embedded Transformer
  • Automated Manufacture
  • Industry Standard Footprint