Have you ever considered the costs involved with designing your own integrated radio using an RF IC?

Mike Meakin recently outlined some of the issues that are faced in his recent article, “Wireless Connectivity- it was supposed to be so easy!”.

So, why would you choose a module?

Our modules are fully approved for worldwide use which will save you time, money and the considerable worry of failure and repeated testing.
Integration is simple requiring only a serial coms port or logic level UART interface to your processor. No complicated software. Serial data in, serial data out at up to 250 bytes per packet.
Your PCB design is simplified. No complicated bit balancing, sync data detection or CRC/checksums. No need to use an expensive four layer RF PCBs where they are not required.
Our evaluation kits quickly determine whether you would get the required range with your chosen antenna. Our easyRadio Companion software could be used to alter frequency/channels, transmission power, over-air data rate and other key parameters to observe the changes in real world performance.

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