Here at LPRS we really appreciate the key contribution that 3rd party design consultants make to the UK electronics industry, and to the economy as a whole.

The UK is a hot bed of innovative engineers creating keeping us at the forefront of worldwide technological advances, and helping to create a stronger economy. As a thank you for this contribution, we are inviting you to share in the success of future projects by joining our Design Partner Network. Simply put, this allows you to register any project incorporating our “easyRadio” low power radio modules and receive an agreed commission for every module sold. In addition, we will provide complimentary  samples, discounted or complimentary development kits, commercial insight and second to none technical support.


If you are interested in joining our Design Partner Network but want to know more get in touch with LPRS, or simply register and leave  your comments. We will get back to you for a chat.

Design Partner Benefits

Access to LPRS’ product portfolio with commission on products sold.
Enhanced technical support.
Reduced Time to Market.
Access to predeveloped software components.
Reduced research and development.
World-class quality and reliability.
Access to more opportunities and design wins.