LPRS, Europe’s leading manufacturer of short-range wireless devices, has signed a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser will be stocking LPRS’ latest advancement of their easyRadio range of sub-1GHz modules, the easyRadio Integrated Controller (eRIC). eRIC’s unique dual frequency function is just one of the many features that can benefit Mouser’s customer base worldwide. (804 – 940 MHz for Europe, North & South America, India and China; or 402 – 470 MHz for Europe, APAC and China.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 11.31.45.png

In addition to selectable frequencies for world markets, the British-manufactured eRIC boasts secure over-air data encryption built into the module and fully programmable low-power options offering current consumption as low as 32uA. eRIC has a programmable application memory with half of the processor available for optional programming via the Application Programming Interface (API) and the other half utilised by the easyRadio Operating System (eROS). eROS provides an intuitive means to get a project active in the minimum time and without the need of expert RF or programming knowledge. The eROS remit, however, goes beyond earlier easyRadio modules, in that, in addition to making the RF simple, it also simplifies the software process, relieving the user of the intricacies of conventional complex programming that requires steep learning curves and long development cycles.

Nick Pummell, Managing Director of LPRS, comments, “We are very pleased to add our low-power wireless modules to Mouser’s very extensive product range, which will increase our share of global markets. Mouser has been impressed with our simple-to-use, secure, reliable, low-frequency wireless modules; our enviable reputation for great products and outstanding product support; and our very active and innovative marketing, especially online.”

As one of the first companies in the world to supply a wireless solution in a modular format, LPRS has long been an innovator in the sub-1GHz sector of the wireless market. LPRS developed the world’s first radio module with an embedded communication software protocol, “easyRadio,” which has grown and developed into a versatile global solution for engineers looking for an easy-to-implement and reliable solution that can offer them the fastest route to market. LPRS continues to develop and advance their technologies to meet the demands of the ever-growing Internet of Things (IoT) market.

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