Wurth Electronics have developed a very powerful, user friendly and free online tool designed to simplify power inductor selection. The RedExpert tool, demonstrated during the Motiv8 October Forums, combines the ability to perform various DC/DC converters’ design calculations with automatic selection of appropriate power inductor parts. It enables parametric as well as graphical comparison of the selected parts and provides a very accurate AC power losses estimation based on an empirical data model. This model is not only based on representative excitation of the core materials, it also takes duty cycle and AC copper losses into consideration. The calculation of which can be time consuming and lacking in accuracy.

Within a few minutes an informed decision is made on the most appropriate Wurth Power Inductors given the design requirements and criteria. This can be shared with your work colleagues and free samples ordered online at the click of a button. Red Expert takes out the complexity of component selection, speeding up product design/development and reducing time to market. Another step in our endeavour to provide the best service to our customers.


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