With 100 years of expertise and leadership in the precision measurement of power, Yokogawa provides a wide range of products for power analysis.

To support the development of alternative energy sources and to validate improvements in efficiency and power consumption, Yokogawa provides trustworthy measurements for both low and high frequency applications. These range from traditional production line testing of domestic appliances and the measurement of highly distorted power waveforms in lighting circuits and inverters, to the measurement of very small improvements in the efficiency of solar inverters and tests on hybrid and electric vehicles.
We have selected the following white papers to share with you:

How accurate are your power measurements?
Whenever a topic of energy efficiency is discussed, the importance of power measurement goes to the top of the priority list. This article looks at some of the factors that can affect the accuracy of power measurements and shows how users can address the challenges.

The effect of internal phase shift on power measurement uncertainty
The measurement of electrical power depends on three factors: voltage, current and time. All three contribute to the uncertainty, but the contribution of the measuring instrument’s internal phase-shift to the total measurement uncertainty is often overlooked. This article shows how it can be minimised by the design of the power-meter.

Calibration: the key to meaningful power measurements
To meet today’s demands for the most accurate and precise power measurements, the instruments need to be properly calibrated to national and international standards. This article explains the importance of calibrating power meters and analysers according to the user’s particular application.

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