Future Electronics, a world-class leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronic components, today announced that it is the winner of the 2014 Global Distributor of the Year award from Diodes Incorporated.

The award is the top prize awarded by Diodes to its line-up of distributors across the EMEA region, North America and Asia, and reflects the value of the contribution of Future Electronics to Diodes’ success in all three of the product categories it manufactures: discrete, logic and analogue semiconductors.

In choosing the winner of the Global Distributor of the Year award, Diodes paid close attention to the three key aspects of its distributors’ performance: growth in sales, design wins for new products, and size of available-to-sell inventory. Future Electronics compared extremely well to its peers on all three measures.

Future Diodes Award May2015According to Diodes, much of Future Electronics’ superior performance could be attributed to its policy of holding much larger stocks of inventory, relative to its size, than any other components distributor in the world. This means that OEMs and contract manufacturers benefit from ready availability of all Diodes products from Future Electronics, including the new families of logic semiconductors that Diodes has recently introduced as it expands from its traditional strengths in discrete semiconductors and power ICs.

Diodes also paid tribute to Future Electronics’ success in serving customers with global operations. Mark King, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Diodes, said: ‘Future Electronics is extremely good at communicating internally across the EMEA, Asia and North America regions, making sure that customers enjoy a seamless Future Electronics service even if products are designed in one region and assembled in another. This really helps Diodes’ customers, because they know that when they use a Diodes product in a design, they will have no difficulty getting supply from Future Electronics when the design goes into volume production.’

Ralf Buehler, managing director of Future Electronics (EMEA), said: ‘The Future Electronics service is based on the twin foundations of excellent technical support and easy availability of production volumes from stock. I am really delighted that this has enabled us to substantially increase our sales of Diodes’ products in 2014, and look forward to enjoying similar success in 2015″.