IoT Seminar
Suddenly, more and more devices come only in pairs, accompanied by the word smart.” Smart home, smart TV, SmartWatch, SmartGlass – and now RUTRONIK SMART. Rutronik is the distributor with the right components and the best solutions for all of these applications.

New range of bundled, hardware, software and services, bringing together entire solutions, consisting of selected sensors, wireless components, microcontrollers, power management and safety solutions for
devices on the Internet of Things. Featured products are optimised for typical requirements like space limitation, ultra low power and offer a high level of integration.

RUTRONIK SMART offers specific support to manufacturers of devices with focus on smaller and often portable devices in different market areas. RUTRONIK EMBEDDED featured products are optimized for professional requirements like robustness, longevity and offer a high level of integration.

Visit the Rutronik IoT Seminar and learn more about the innovative products and technologies from a best choice out of our 30 leading wireless suppliers and discover all the Rutronik sensor technologies and the entire power management and microcontroller portfolio for smart applications.

Technical Product Managers (Wireless, Sensor, Power and Microcontroller), as well as local Field Application Engineers will be there with demos on site. Seminars will be held in local language, if possible.

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