Networking and sensor technology behind many developments related to the internet of things (IoT) are the subjects of a series of seminars Rutronik is running across Europe.
Dual themed as “smart” and “embedded”, the seminars will be presented by the distributor’s suppliers of wireless components and sensor technologies to power management solutions and microcontrollers through to boards, displays and storage components.
These one-day seminars will be held in London on June 4th.
During the course of the year, there will be additional dates in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands and in China. Participants can choose between a Smart and an Embedded seminar, each of which take place at the same place and at the same time.
The “Smart” seminar is geared towards developers who design their own modules and use surface mount components in the design. The seminar focuses on smart devices within the IoT, especially on the segments of wearables, sport applications, home automation, illumination, healthcare and surveillance systems.
The components for these segments are optimized to work with the IPv6 Internet protocol, particularly small model sizes, low energy consumption and highest possible integration.
Participating suppliers include Microchip, Nordic Semiconductor, Panasonic, Redpine Signals, STMicroelectronics, Telit and Yageo.
The Embedded seminar is geared towards developers who use a mainboard as the basis for their pluggable peripherals with standard interfaces.
Designed for these applications especially, the latest embedded boards offered by Rutronik’s partners Advantech, Fujitsu and F&S Elektronische Systeme are presented during the seminar, as are the storage components from Transcend and Toshiba and displays from NLT. Advantech and Telit demonstrate how these applications can be networked with the latest wireless components and modules.
The scheduled dates in detail:
– June 4: London, UK
– May 12: Erfurt, Germany
– June 11: Munich, Germany
– June 16: Hamburg, Germany
– June 30 and July 1: Dortmund, Germany
– November 9 and 10: Ispringen, Germany
– June 2: Stockholm, Sweden
– June 9: Salzburg, Austria
– June 23: Lyon, France
– June 25 and 26: Paris, France
– September 22: Barcelona, Spain
– September 24: Madrid, Spain
– October 13 and 14: Warsaw, Poland
– October 15: Ljubljana, Slovenia
– November 12: Eindhoven, Netherlands
– November 24: Milan, Italy
– November 26: Rome, Italy
– December 7: Hong Kong
– December 9: Shenzhen, China
– December 11: Shanghai, China
– December 15: Chengdu, China
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