Ineltek UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Germany’s largest independent semiconductor distributor has published an application note from semiconductor partner Magnachip that greatly simplifies the creation of designs using Hall Effect proximitiy sensing for Open / Close detection. Based around Magnachip’s MXM1120 low-cost Hall Sensor, the application note is available now.

MXM1120 is an integrated Hall Sensor designed for cost-sensitive, high volume consumer appliances and features:

  • High Integration – Hall elements, Dynamic Offset Cancellation, Prog. Amplifier, ADC, ALU
  • Small Package Size – SOIC or WLCSP
  • Simple Interface – standard/fast I2C, interrupt output
  • Low Power – 1 uA power down, 18uA operating
  • Low Cost – available on request

Flip Cover App

The application note details how engineers can benefit from all these features without falling foul of the pitfalls of magnetic and Hall sensing design. Using the guidance from this document, right-first-time implementations can be created for consumer accessories as well as a myriad of industrial sensing applications. Ineltek technical support is available to assist in your design phase and we welcome your technical as well as commercial enquires via



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