Ineltek UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Germany’s largest independent semiconductor distributor is pleased to announce the release of the first members of the ams Chemical Sensors family. Following the acquisition by ams of AppliedSensor GmbH in 2014, these market-leading products are available as part of Ineltek’s ams franchise for the first time.

Ineltek UK will be promoting the iAQ-Core device as the flagship product for this announcement as this product fits well into key vertical markets in the UK and Ireland such as Building Automation, Environmental Control and the all-encompassing IoT.

Meeting Room

iAQ-Core takes air quality measurement beyond the traditional measure of temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. Most consumers evaluate air quality by the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs): smoke, cooking odours, bio-effluence, outdoor pollutants etc, which until now was difficult and expensive to measure. This device is a low-cost, ultra-compact solution for detecting poor air quality using micro-machined metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology to detect a broad range of VOCs while correlating directly with CO2 levels in the room.

By embedded the iAQ-Core sensor into a room control system, ventilation, window control and fragrance-release functions can be activated and de-activated at precise thresholds to maintain high air quality while minimising energy use and thermal loss.

To find out more about ams Chemical Sensor products or to request a quotation, please contact Ineltek UK sales.

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