Ineltek UK, the UK and Ireland arm of Germany’s largest independent semiconductor distributor today released the new version of the Active Semi PAC5223 Power Application ControllerTM which is now available with 72V gate drivers in a smaller 6mm x 6mm package.

PAC5223 is a member of Active Semi’s Power Application ControllerTM family of devices which integrate all essential analog and power management peripherals along with a 32-bit ARM® microcontroller core. PAC5223 is specifically engineered to provide power control for brushless DC motors (BLDC) applications such as power tools, drones etc.

The PACTM IC family integrates sophisticated, yet configurable power management & analog peripherals such as:

  • Multi-mode Power Manager – supports AC-DC, DC-DC, PFC with Flyback, HV Buck, Buck and
  • Configurable Analog front end – featuring 2 pre DAC’s comparators, single-end and differential PGAs, temperature monitoring, etc
  • Application specific gate drivers – featuring OD drivers, 52V, 72V and 600V, High-side/Low-side gate drivers
  • Data Acquisition block
  • PWM Engine – 4 timers, 14 PWM Channels
  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex MCU – GPIO, I2C, SPI UART, SWD and other peripherals

Supported by Ineltek UK’s experienced application team, development tools such as the Hydra-X23S board, samples and volume pricing are available on request now.

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