Linear Technology will be featuring at Motiv8 Forums March events and will be presenting the following during the morning session:

Homing in on the LTC5599 low Power IQ Modulator as one specific example of Linear Technology’s leading capabilities:

The LTC5599 is a 30MHz to 1.3GHz, lowest power I/Q modulator on the market today. Its 2.7V to 3.6V supply voltage range draws only 28mA current, exacting a power consumption that is less than 60% of competing solutions. The device is ideal for battery-powered transmitters operating in the VHF, UHF, Land Mobile Radio, 700MHz LTE and 902-928MHz ISM frequency bands. The LTC5599 offers outstanding –52.6dBc sideband suppression and –51.5dBm carrier leakage – without calibration and it has very low –156dBm/Hz noise floor with 20.8dBm OIP3 enable superior transmitter dynamic range performance.

Simon Simmonds. Field Applications Engineer -Linear Technology
Presentation material based on applications worked by Bruce Hemp. Linear Technology Wireless Application Engineer.

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