Late last year, UrbanHarvest selected LumiGrow LED greenhouse lights for an urban farm it operates in downtown Seattle. The hyper-local urban farming company grows fresh vegetables exclusively for Seattle, Washington restaurants, grocers and food services.

LumiGrow’s Pro series greenhouse lights are installed in the greenhouse. The LumiGrow system is equipped with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors OSLON SSL hyper-red, OSLON Square 450 nm deep blue and OSLON Square warm white LEDs.

“OSRAM LEDs were the best fit to meet LumiGrow’s goals of achieving device efficiency and improved system price and performance, all while receiving close application support from their team,” said Kevin Wells, CEO, LumiGrow.

The LumiGrow Pro series technology maximizes crop yields while it minimizes environmental footprint. The system emits precisely the light intensity and spectrum needed by crops at different growth stages without harmful hot spots, and does not contain any mercury that could contaminate food or leach into landfills.

LED lighting can stimulate plant growth by up to 40 percent. Durable and long-lasting LEDs are the green alternative to standard horticultural lighting. They can significantly stimulate plant growth while they drastically reduce energy consumption through the use of targeted lighting at 660 and 450 nanometers.

UrbanHarvest is Seattle’s first hydroponic urban farm, which means plants grow in nutrient-rich water instead of soil. The facility produces 10,000 heads of lettuce annually, or about 20,000 bowls of fresh salad. The farm operates in the basement of the Millionair Club Charity facility, an organization that addresses homelessness in Seattle. The greens are used to complement nutritious meals for homeless or unemployed individuals in Seattle and are sold to provide revenue to support and scale the initiatives of the charity.

Peerless in the industry, LumiGrow Pro series lights are the most cost-effective means of boosting crop yield, providing a 70 percent energy savings versus the high intensity discharge lights historically used in greenhouses and urban farms. The system’s LED lights last 10 times longer than HID lights without degradation, which means the investment is rewarded over time. The features of LEDs for horticultural lighting, such as small form factor, high efficiency and long life, provide flexibility for growers. Dimmable and controllable, LEDs are on when you need them and can easily be set in cycles that promote healthy plant growth.

New sites with LED horticulture lighting have dramatically lower infrastructure costs because of reduced electrical requirements. Growers see electrical bills trimmed by approximately half, month after month, year after year. Due to OSRAM LED lights, the LumiGrow Pro series achieves a higher output of red and blue in the essential PAR range than the industry’s most powerful conventional lighting systems, including HID fixtures.

Richard Hurst –

Vertical Segment Manager, Lighting – UK, Ire

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