The following Technical Workshop will be taking place at Motiv8’s RF & Wireless and LED & Lighting Design Forum, taking place on the 9th of September in Manchester. To view the full programme and register for this FREE event click here

There are many LED drivers, but few are able to operate directly from rectified AC supplies without need for a transformer.  This presentation will describe a number of driver topologies and point out several design considerations needed when operating from high voltage (apart from safety!).  We will also discuss a variety of options for adding smart control to lighting and demonstrate wireless system solutions based around Microchip Technology devices. The target is to show how to combine high voltage electronics with low voltage microcontrollers and wireless devices to create sleek, intelligent, installer friendly lighting systems.

Microchip Technology Inc. acquired Supertex Inc. on April 1 2014

Steve Winder. FAE Supertex Products. Microchip.

Rob Graham. Senior FAE.  Microchip
Hosted by Rutronik