September 9th will be Motiv8’s RF & Wireless / LED & Lighting Design Forum for Engineers and Designers, taking place at “The Point” in Manchester – Including a keynote speech from Jaguar Land Rover…..

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Coffee & pastries, time to network & visit exhibitor area.


Welcome & Introduction

Paul Barwick Event & Technical Manager Motiv8
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Keynote Speaker 

Shammika Wickramasinghe. Technical Specialist. Jaguar LandRover Group.


Technical Presentation

 Challenges facing electronics in the realisation of a wireless energy harvesting switching application.Energy harvesting devices are a technological mega trend and when used in combination with RF-technology, the benefits for any switching devices are obvious – no batteries, no wires, no maintenance. This presentation will give an insight into the development of such systems and their technical realisation.

Topics will include key parameters such as energy harvester types, energy management system design and component variables to find the optimum balance between performance, dimensions and cost.

Thomas Boethe. Head of Electronic Engineering Industrial Solutions



Technical Presentation 

Very Latest Bright Ideas In LED Driving: An example of the latest Bleeding Edge High Efficiency LED driver illustrating a culmination of features in a single device to help in both protection under fault and EMI reduction.

Targeted at the Automotive and Architectural markets it will illustrate demands Linear Technology has seen for from multiple customers whilst needing to maintain small solution footprint and constant LED colour atdimming ranges upto 3000:1″.

Paul Worthington. FAE

Linear Technology Corporation


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Technical Presentation

Microchip – Adding Intelligence to LED Drivers? LED drivers have gradually become more sophisticated, but we are on the verge of a step change. Supertex has been making high voltage semiconductors for many years and are leaders in HV LED Drivers. Microchip Technology Inc. are a leader in MCU, Analog and Connectivity solutions recently bought Supertex. Together, the possibility of truly Intelligent Lighting becomes reality.

Adding control systems, novel HMI interfaces and using established protocols such as DALI, DMX and 1-10v dimming to new options with LIN-bus, CAN, Ethernet and various wireless protocols provides great flexibility – but crucially, all supported by the same manufacturer. This presentation will discuss some of the Microchip – Supertex LED driver solutions and how adding microcontrollers, HMI and communications creates intelligent lighting solutions.

Steve Winder. FAE Supertex Products. Microchip

Supported by Rutronik


Technical Presentation

Optimizing Inductor Selection – An interactive live demo of new Design Support Tools for power management: Inductor choice has great impact on solution size and performances in non-isolated power converters projects: The presentation includes a live on-line, interactive demonstration of a complete set of inductor selection and performance analysis tools: users are offered a hands-on opportunity to identify and select for themselves the most optimal inductor for use with their choice of IC.
For power designers, the new Power Inductor Finder tool identifies key inductor parameters and provides a list of available part numbers to satisfy the user’s size, performance and cost requirements, showing how to find power inductors with the actual inductance you need at a specific current and operating temperature.
Flavio Sestagalli. Technical Marketing – Europe Coilcraft

Supported by Mouser


Technical Presentation

Smart, Digital and Connected Lighting: Everyone seems to speak about digital, smart and connected lighting, but how do you make a smart, connected lamp? What kind of physical layers are suited and what kind of LED drivers are needed? Which wired or wireless interface is suited for smart lighting and which sensors can be used to make the lamp smart?

Paul de Vries, Field Application Engineer. ON Semiconductor Supported by Mouser


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~ PM Technical Workshops ~ 

Workshop – Room 1


EMI – Define, Fight, Win!: An Example of LED Driver EMI considerations. A presentation example outlining the benefits of input LC filtering, Mosfet slew reduction and ultimately spread-spectrum clocking to meet CISPR25 conducted EMI limits. The techniques used may be applied to all LED topologies but will be presented for an 8V-60V input to 80V/400mA boost LED driver.

Simon Simmonds. F A E. Linear Technology Corporation.


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  LED Lifetime and reliability – Choosing and implementing the correct LED for the application: What causes the degradation in LED light output? Not all LEDs behave in the same way, the reasons for which will be explained together with the potential pitfalls that unexpectedly accelerate the degradation rate.
The more serious aspect of catastrophic LED failure in the field will also be covered as will steps that can be taken to minimise the risks.

Colin Beale. Technical Sales Manager. OSRAM Optosemiconductors. Hosted by EBV

Workshop – Room 2


Intelligent Lighting using High Voltage LED Drivers, MCU’s and Wireless

There are many LED drivers, but few are able to operate directly from rectified AC supplies without need for a transformer. This presentation will describe a number of driver topologies and point out several design considerations needed when operating from high voltage (apart from safety!).

We will also discuss a variety of options for adding smart control to lighting and demonstrate wireless system solutions based around Microchip Technology devices. The target is to show how to combine high voltage electronics with low voltage microcontrollers and wireless devices to create sleek, intelligent, installer friendly lighting systems.
Steve Winder. FAE Supertex Products Microchip Hosted by Rutronik


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STM Workshop topic and speaker tba – Hosted by Rutronik

Workshop – Room 3


Wireless Development – Time to take it easy!

Join us as we look at the “smartification” of wireless and the essential attributes your wireless solution will need to meet the demands of a connected World.

Using real applications we will demonstrate how eRIC simplifies the stages of concept to prototype and with your directions test the variable parameters of the radio.

This workshop will highlight the benefits of working with Radio modules with embedded intelligence. We will show you how simple System on Chip development can really be and how little software programming knowledge you need to complete your application and get it to market before the competition.

David Schmider. Technical Director

Srikanth Ghanji. Design Engineer LPRS

Hosted by Alpha Micro


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Power factor correction and standby power for LED lighting. The workshop will look at the requirements for power factor and harmonic currents for AC driven LED lamps or ballasts. Review what techniques can be used to meet these requirements and what are the consequences for efficiency, ripple and complexity.
Paul De Vries. Lighting FAE.
Rick Fullarton N Europe DSM. On Semiconductor

Hosted by Mouser

Please note:

If there is sufficient demand some workshops may repeated from 4-15 finishing at approx 5-15.

~ Exhibitors / All day Networking ~
Binder, EBV, OSRAM, Yokogawa, Scott Cables, Rutronik, Microchip, ST Microelectronics, Outsource Electronics, Linear Technology, Mouser, Coilcraft, ON Semiconductor, Mobile Mark, LPRS, Alpha Micro, Intelligent LED, CHERRY, Ineltek, iED.

Guest speaker Jaguar Land Rover

If you would like to attend this FREE (includes parking, WIFI, food and refreshments) event, then registration is still open, but places are limited.