The latest from AXSEM who will be taking part in Motiv8’s RF & Wireless Design Forum – June 24th at the Williams F1 HQ in Oxford (see website for further details on attending this FREE event –

The concept of ‘intelligent everything’ will strongly influence the future of our culture. By 2020, forecasts predict that there will be 100 million internet nodes alone in Switzerland and 50 billion nodes worldwide, most of which are connected via broadband or cell phone technology. This change will affect our way of living but also enable the development of completely new business models.

However, an increasing portion of nodes for the Internet of Things also requires low-power consumption that is even below the power usage of a GSM module. For this application, AXSEM developed the ideal solution. The AX8052F1xx family of RF-microcontroller SoC combines ultimate radio performance with the required ultra-low power consumption. With these ICs, bi-directional sensor nodes, which consume an average current of less than 5 µA at 1.8 V and less with a reaction time of 1 s, can be realized. The typical operating range of close to 1 km makes the AX8052F1xx chips the ideal choice.

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